inefficient in‧ef‧fi‧cient [ˌɪnˈfɪʆnt◂] adjective
producing goods or working in a way that uses more time, money etc than necessary:

• the assumption that the public sector is wasteful, inefficient and unproductive

— inefficiently adverb
— inefficiency noun [countable, uncountable] :

• Long hours are often a reflection of an organization's bureaucratic inefficiency.

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inefficiency UK US /ˌɪnɪˈfɪʃənsi/ noun [C or U] (plural inefficiencies)
a situation in which someone or something fails to use resources such as time, materials, or labour in an effective way: »

The bank chief said that he would not allow or tolerate inefficiency and at the same time would ensure that honest and hard work were properly rewarded.


But critics say the system is full of waste and inefficiency.

inefficiencies in sth »

She's charged with eliminating inefficiencies in state government.

Compare EFFICIENCY(Cf. ↑efficiency)
See also MARKET INEFFICIENCY(Cf. ↑market inefficiency), TECHNICAL INEFFICIENCY(Cf. ↑technical inefficiency), X-INEFFICIENCY(Cf. ↑x-inefficiency)

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